Mid-Century Modern Design Style

Mid-Century Modern design style has been surging in popularity for a few years now…and for good reason!  Interior designers, millennials, baby boomers all love this look. Because it’s a clean and modern style, with really great lines and a fond call out to our past.  It’s a style that feels current — but not trendy — because it’s based in the past.

Four ways to make your room fabulous with Mid-Century Modern style!

Teak Wood Furniture

One of the defining aspects of Mid-Century Modern design is teak wood accents.  From dining chairs to desks and tables, to console pieces…exposed teak wood in clean, simple lines without adornment is a great way to add this style to your home.

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Dynamic Lighting

Great dynamic chandeliers are such a fun part of the Mid-Century movement.  Many times you’ll see the classic Sputnik chandelier in Mid-Century design, which reflects the 1960’s obsession with space. The latest evolution of the Sputnik chandelier has larger bulbs and more geometric lines.

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Statement Chair

A unique statement chair is an integral part of a Mid-Century Modern room.  With teak wood arms or upholstered in a fun fabric, the chair should be a beautiful statement piece in your room.

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Bar Cart

Cocktail hour was an important part of the culture in the 60’s – and so were their bar carts.  This is a great accent piece to add to your Mid-Century look and a great tradition to add to your nightly routine!

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Mid-Century Modern at by Design

We love when our clients want a room with a touch of Mid-Century Modern…or when they want to really embrace the trend and go all in on an entire room!  We don’t want your room to look like it’s straight out of the 60’s though…using updated fabrics, colors, and patterns, with classic Mid-Century style, your room will be comfortable, cool, and just a little bit retro.

Here’s a vision board we put together with Mid-Century Modern products we carry at by Design…we have so many fun and unique pieces.  Give us a call and we’ll put a Mid-Century Modern design for you!