Why you should choose custom furniture

Six Compelling Reasons to Choose Custom Furniture:

6) Choose custom furniture to make your life easier.

You can look at thousands of pieces in hopes of finding something to work with the other pieces in your room. You can buy something and take it home in hopes is matches everything else and return it if not. OR – you can simply order a piece in the perfect fabric to complement your room from BY DESIGN.

5) Choose custom furniture for the quality.

You can always find a lower price – there is some astoundingly cheap furniture out there. However, in reality, you get what you pay for. Custom furniture may be slightly more expensive, but your investment will last for years to come.

Quality materials and design matter. Choose wear-tested, long-lasting fabrics. Select dense foam seating and back cushions. You should think of quality as “comfort that lasts”. Because that cheap sofa will become uncomfortable in no time. You’ll like the price for a month and hate the comfort for years.

4) Choose custom furniture for real choices.

Wood species. Wood Finish. Metal finish. Fabrics. Leathers. Size. Configuration. You are in control.

Choose custom furniture for more choices

When you choose custom, you have the option to customize almost everything about the piece of furniture from the cushion comfort to the foot style. You can pick different arm styles, leg styles, backs, bases, etc. etc. And then you choose from thousands of fabrics and leathers!

Don’t worry though – we help you through the process! See point 1) below.

3) Choose custom furniture for personalization.

Choose custom furniture for personalization

Often it is the details that make design and custom furniture (and your room) personal. It may be as simple as throw pillows or as subtle as trim, welt-cord or nailhead finish. Or it may be as bold as a vivid fabric on that special accent chair. Perhaps your whole design is based on a piece of art your found. As long as it is specially made to delight you.

2) Choose custom furniture for its uniqueness factor.

Choose custom furniture for unique looks - Chloe_media_cuddle_chair

Your furniture does not have to be one identical piece among the thousands that rolled of a production line and shipped to a warehouse store. You don’t need to have the lowest-common-denominator design in your home. Choose custom furniture and your room will be about you and your lifestyle.

1) Most importantly – our great designers.

Individualized and professional service.

Your project can feel overwhelming. But please relax! You won’t be in this alone at BY DESIGN. Our talented designers love these details. Those thousands of fabrics are their back yard. They love sweating the details and live for the process of discovering your style and creating your perfect room.

An added bonus: you’ll be supporting small businesses with products made here in the United States. All of our core furniture is made by relatively small companies here in America.

Remember: Ordering custom furniture does take slightly longer than regular furniture – around 8-12 weeks total – so plan ahead!

Yes, we’re proud of our designers. Find out about them here: