Interior Design Style: Modern Eclectic

Modern Eclectic Design Style is the name BY DESIGN uses for an interior design style that blends some of the best of several other design styles. Here are a few of the features:

  • The simple lines of modern design
  • A few rich details from traditional design
  • Trim and tailored
  • Nods to mid-century modern design
  • Sophisticated simplicity in style, fabrics and finishes.

Comfortable. Both physically and emotionally. Friendly and perhaps even upbeat. But still… sophisticated simplicity.

Louise style designed with dual-track arm, tapered leg & tufted back cushions

Modern Eclectic Living

The Modern Eclectic interior design trend is very open-minded on color stories. It can be fun and exciting or relaxed and soothing depending on your unique lifestyle and the goals for your room. Sophisticated, yet fun fabric combinations are perfect.

This open-mindedness means that most current trends and color stories are wonderful choices for a Simple Chic home.  This look feels updated for years, particularly when you freshen it up with accents and accessories periodically.

Fabrics and styles won’t have as many comfort wrinkles as Modern Casual. Finishes won’t be as aged and worn. You know what we’re saying here: a bit more put-together.

Delaney sofa
Louise leather sectional

Modern Eclectic Dining

Your sense of fun and discovery are modified only by your sense of practical. And there is no reason to sacrifice either. Choose big important pieces that are timeless and have fun with fabrics or accents to show your personality.

Wood and metal finishes will tend to correlate rather than contrast. This is part of the story of simplicity. However, there are no constraints to your choice of which finish other than your personal taste.

K-base table and 102 chairs

Everything in the room above hits the Modern Eclectic interior design style on the nose. Simple lines – yet fabrics and finishes with a touch of upscale class. A tailored, welted, well put-together room.

Conner table with bluestone top and Ripley dining chairs

This room achieves the modern eclectic sense by combining. The Conner table is contemporary, while the Ripley dining chairs are a bit traditional. Used together in this stylish room and you have the essence of modern eclectic interior design style.

Modern Eclectic Bedroom

Think of a Modern Eclectic bedroom as being modern – yet timeless. There is no tiring heaviness or overwrought detail. Just design and color that you love every time you enter the room.

Add a bit of upholstery – a chair, settee or a bench really speaks to a bedroom that you can relax in.

Almost any color story will work with this design style, so don’t limit yourself here.

Twilight Camel Back Bed
Walt King Bed & Walt 2 Drawer Chests

If the Modern Eclectic interior design style is you… good news! There are endless products, fabrics and finishes that you can choose from to create your room. And BY DESIGN would love to help you winnow out the ones that are perfect for your home and for you.