Custom Furniture

Begin your interior design with custom furniture. You will be laying a uniquepersonalized foundation for your perfect room. It’s the ideal way to create a room that reflects your personality and the way you live.

Don’t settle for something out of their warehouse –

Instead… co-create the room of your dreams.

Living room furniture custom furniture…

custom furniture

Custom at BY DESIGN begins in the living room. We offer hundreds (maybe thousands) of sofas, chairs, sectionals, ottomans and more that you can drape with your choice of thousands of fabrics and leathers. Dive in even deeper – you’ll find customization and personalization options that are amazing. All brought together to serve one goal: to create your perfect room.

Custom furniture in the dining room…

custom furniture, Custom Furniture, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design

Dining rooms and kitchens begin with your choice of styles. Then your choices include a plethora of sizes and shapes. You may also select wood paints and finishes, metal finishes and glass finishes in a dizzying array of choices.

BY DESIGN has programs that let you configure the wood or glass tabletop – in the size you need – with a wide selection of table bases.

Servers and consoles can correlate or contrast with your table and chairs. (Consoles add so much personality to a room).

Chairs, of course, come in an even wider array of designs and personalities. Custom furniture.

Never be intimidated by the choice available though… our talented designers love to learn about your room and your lifestyle. Then they use these tools to help you create your perfect room.

Bedroom furniture…

custom furniture, Custom Furniture, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design

Bedrooms are less obvious, but custom belongs here. Custom furniture in the bedroom begins with upholstered beds and headboards. Choose from many, many styles and embellishments and again choose from thousands of fabrics and leathers.

Of course, wood bedroom furniture offers choices in wood finishes and paints. That’s only the beginning. We even have a program that lets you configure the case, base, door & drawer fronts, and hardware of your furniture!

Ask your designer about our many Custom Bedroom Furniture programs.