Unique Dining Chairs

Do you want to really give that wow factor to your dining room? These uniquely styled dining chairs are the perfect look to make your dining room stand out from the rest!

unique dining chairs barrel design
Arteriors Dining Gallery Image – Barrel Dining Chair

Barrel Dining Chairs

Barrel dining chairs are becoming an increasingly popular dining room choice! These chairs offer a design that hugs your backside and cradle your arms. One caveat: barrel dining chairs may not tuck well under a dining table! They may take up more space than a standard dining room chair. However, the sophisticated look these chairs offer to your dining room really grounds the space with the rest of a home. If you have enough space and really want to break up the rectangular forms, try a barrel-shaped dining chair for your space! Often, they are placed all the way around the table for a clean uniform look, or jazzing up the rest of the table as captains chairs on either end.

Skirted Dining Chairs

Skirted dining chairs are often more traditional, though they certainly escaping this label. The skirt gives it a similar look as built-to-floor style chairs. We tend to see skirted dining chairs offer a feminine touch to a dining room, all while presenting either masculine or feminine inspired upholstery. Having skirted dining chairs helps to soften a room from the hard surfaces and strong lines of other furniture.

Spencer Arm Chair

Low Back Chair Designs

Standard height dining chairs are roughly 32”-34” in height. This is because a standard table height is 30” high. We know a standard height chair meets this height when the top of the chair clears the table with a few inches to spare, while keeping about a foot of space between the seat height to the underneath side of a table. When the top of a dining chair comes to the table top or below the table surface, we recognize it as a low-back dining chair. It’s a great look for a unique dining chair.

unique dining chairs low back
Carrie Dining Chair

This style of chair is appealing to many for its ability to tuck further under a table, as well as the clean horizontal lines that low backs offer. Low-back dining chairs are often more stylish than supportive of the back, though it still can be as comfortable as any other dining chair! 

Fully Upholstered Dining Chairs

Elmore Dining Chair

A fully upholstered dining chair fills a dining room with a strong presence. It commands attention! Whether fabric or leather, the dining chair offers warmth and comfort. There is something different about a fully upholstered chair that we do not often see with standard dining chair styles.

There is a sense of continuity, a sense of fullness, and a certain maturity that emanates from this style of dining chair. It is giving us its all and why not try it on for size! It might just be the perfect way to pair an interesting chair with any table! There is no pairing of woods or metals, so choosing a fully upholstered chair has few limitations and looks great in so many spaces!

Hawkins Dining Chair

Shapely Chair Designs

The ultimate unique dining chair. Arm shapes and cut out forms can dictate if a dining chair is influenced by specific forms or more organic ones. These shapely dining chairs tend to emphasize form and function. Form-driven dining chairs offer themselves as statement pieces to any room they are placed in. These dining chairs can be placed with a variety of tables, whether the table be bold and strong to compete with the chairs, or more subdued to allow the chairs to be the focal point

We usually categorize these into geometric or organic forms. If the lines of the chair have movement – it is organic. If the lines are far more clean and sharp – it likely falls in the geometric category! Regardless of shape, they can be fun to translate interesting shapes to each room.

unique dining chairs
Halston Dining Armchair

These styles are a few ways to categorize the fun and exciting realm of dining chairs that are out there. There is no need to limit your style to the ordinary. Jazz up your space today! Regardless of where your taste falls, could you see yourself introducing a unique dining chair into your own home? If so, which one resonates more with your space?

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