The Diverse Ottoman

Ottomans are comfortable, eye catching pieces in a home. Plus they are an amazingly effective tool to use in your interior design. Do you want yours to blend in with your sofa or chair and act like a singular unit? Or would you rather have it as a statement piece? It is totally up to you and that is why we adore them!

Image: Kim Salmela Instagram Post – Norwalk Ottomans High Point 2021


Whether you decide to pair an ottoman with your chair or your sofa, the desired height is roughly the same as the seat height or around an inch less. This is to ensure you are comfortable! That is our focus right? Too high of an ottoman is going to create an uncomfortable position for your legs if you want to put them up! If it is too low, then it competes with the concept of a footstool, which has its own height limitation.


Different size ottomans can achieve different goals. Smaller designs can be easily layered, offering additional seating options or replacing a larger ottoman. Many people tend to put these smaller ottomans off on their own, across a cocktail table from a sofa in order to create that multi-seating option look! 

Even placing two smaller ottomans at the foot of a bed can create a dramatic appeal to a bed. The possibilities are endless!

Two Gala ottomans with the Paris sectional

Image: Norwalk Caravan Color Trend


We get it… average looks different to each person. When I talk about average, we could be discussing the general size, a matching ottoman paired with its sofa or chair, or even coloration. Yet, this looks different to every single person! Selecting interesting color, texture or patterns adds adds depth to your space. This is a highly desirable factor in making your space unique to you and your lifestyle! 

When shooting for the proper length of an ottoman, the appropriate is anything that fills half to two-thirds of a sofa in length. This is a nice size, because it should allow 18 inches of walking space around the ottoman to maneuver around your sofa. This is what we would classify as the average ottoman size. Just big enough for one ottoman to shine in your home without crowding the rest of your furniture.

Nelson ottoman with the Merrit sofa

Image: Kim Salmela Instagram Post – Norwalk High Point 2021 Showroom


Everyone loves a comfortable oversized sweatshirt or t-shirt, right? But how do you know if oversized furniture is right for you too? Take a look into your space . . Do you have a long sofa, a big L-shaped sectional, or even a really deep room? Then an oversized might be for you! 

We use oversize to add drama to your space! It customizes your look and sets you apart from the rest of the homes on your block! However, they can be a very functional choice as well. Many oversized ottomans take on the role of a bumper, which pushes up against your sofa or sectional to lay down on, similar to a sleeper sofa. 

Cutler ottoman with Nelson chair and Harrison sofa

Image: Kim Salmela Instagram Post – Circa 2021 Norwalk High Point Showroom

Ottomans are a sofa’s best friend, they’re a bed’s sturdy pal, and foyer’s constant confidant! These pieces of furniture offer us an opportunity to show our style and create a space that is truly ours. They are diverse in style, size, pattern, color, and always catch our gaze!

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