Six Reasons You Should Use an Interior Designer

Why should you use an interior designer?  Many people think they can design their homes themselves.  They watch a little HGTV, they like to shop online and boom – they’re a designer!  We’re here to tell you, using an interior designer can help you for so many reasons…six of which we’ve written about below.

Save Money

I know, it seems counterintuitive that using an interior designer would save you money.  Most people think that an interior designer will cost you more money  – first because you have to pay them to help you, and second because they will convince you to buy more expensive pieces.  But a good interior designer will actually save you money.  They will use their experience and training to pick out the right furniture for your room the first time.

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Save Time

You could spend forever reading blogs, looking through magazines and visiting stores…and still not make any real decisions. Put a designer to work creating your perfect room, and they’ll give you a beautiful design in a much shorter period of time. Not only do you save time you would have spent looking, but you can actually get your room finished and start enjoying it much more quickly!

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Stop Decision Paralysis

We live in a world with too many choices. Instagram and Pinterest have shown us so many perfect and beautiful homes…which style to go with? Which color scheme? What key pieces? Many of our clients come to us exhausted by trying to make decisions for their home. We put all their dreams and hopes for their room together in a design and help them overcome their decision paralysis!

Help you find your true style

You can love many different styles – but which one is your true style? A designer can help you find the style that will work the best in your home with your lifestyle. They will also help you find your true style that you will not tire of like you will most trends – your true style always feels good to you no matter what the trend.

Make your home look completely unique

You don’t want your home to look like anyone else’s – unfortunately, social media advertising has made it very easy for everyone to buy the same items for their wardrobe and their home. Your designer will find unique, original pieces for your home that not everyone has access to. A designer has so many vendors to choose from – they can find something that you’ll be proud to show in your home and show your unique style.

Increase the value of your home

A well-styled home increases the value it will sell for…that’s a fact. Even though every buyer knows you’ll be taking your furniture with you – they love to visualize themselves living in your house. And if it’s a home designed beautifully by an interior designer – they’ll be excited to imagine their life there.

Come to by Design and have one of our interior designers create a design plan for your space! Or reach out and book a time for one of them to come to your home for a complimentary in-home design plan!