7 Timeless Interior Design Trends

Timeless Interior Design Trends. Who doesn’t want a room that is timeless? Trends are great, but you want to love your room tomorrow as much as today.

Timeless Interior Design

1. Earth Tones in Timeless Interior Design

While neutral tones often cycle in trends from creams to grays, earthy tones are constant and naturally neutral. Earthy neutrals create a connection with the landscape and can be beneficial in all design styles.

2. Natural Materials

When working with natural materials in homes, certain materials come to mind. First, wood and stone are the most popular. Additionally, materials like masonry, cork, and fibers like jute are commonly used. The list goes on! Regardless of style, any of these materials can find a place in any design style and trend.

3. Quality Craftsmanship

We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” This concept applies to craftsmanship as well. Instead of filling your space with lots of furniture and décor, focus on quality pieces that are built to last. Well-built pieces with care and attention to detail can have a higher visual impact in a space. They can provide that “wow factor” while standing the test of time!

4. Statement Lighting

Proper lighting in a space can be eye-catching! It has the ability to draw the eye upward in every room, improving the room’s balance. While style can change depending on trends, finding a piece that suits your individual style and your home’s architecture is crucial for a timeless interior design look!

Consider the shapes present in your home. If you can mimic these shapes in your lighting, it will enhance your look. But don’t stop there! You’ll likely find a piece that fits many different styles and is perfect for your home. This applies to all lamps and fixtures as well.

Tip: Matching the lamp finish to pieces you do not typically change is a great starting point! If you have nickel cabinet pulls and nickel door knobs, keep up the silver look!

5. Classic Patterns and Timeless Interior Design

Stripes, herringbones, plaid, checks, and animal prints can naturally create a feeling of casual and comfortable elegance.

6. Varied Textures

Visual texture is crucial in every space! From wool rugs to grass cloth wallcoverings, subtle upholstery texture, and more, it is a constant we see regardless of trends for decades!

7. Minimalism is Timeless Interior Design

Minimalism is present in many cultures and often associated with the idea that less is more. Need I say more? Nope.