8 Living Room Sofa Ideas

The sofa is usually the largest and most important piece in a living room. It is an important investment and deserves your best effort. We’d like to offer these eight living room sofa ideas to get you thinking beyond the basics.

Scale your sofa for your room


But what does that mean exactly? It isn’t a formula. But here are two rules of thumb that may help:

Rule 1: The sofa should be less than 2/3 of the opposite wall. This should keep your sofa from feeling visually shoe-horned in.

Rule 2: The sofa should be no more than 1/2 the length of the wall it sits against. Again, it shouldn’t feel crowded even when you add your end tables and lamps.

Consider the functions of your room

Entertaining? Create conversation possibilities. Two facing sofas is dramatic (this affects their scale). Or consider facing chairs. Getting people face-to-face it the key when designing for entertaining. Some sectional designs allow you to curve or angle the seating to accomplish this.

Entertaining? Create face-to-face opportunities with sofas, chairs or a sectional.
Screen Time? You can line ’em up.
A personal retreat? Ignore the other factors and make it comfy.

However… most living rooms have to blend all of these functions. So… we worry about and optimize face-to-face space. We consider viewing angle. We work to understand your personal design aesthetic. We try to add your personal space. And it is very achievable… as long as you think and plan in advance!

Sectionals are fabulous for an open-plan space

  • More space efficient than sofa & chairs in a small space. But…
  • Sectionals serve to divide a room in a large space.
Both large and small rooms. Sectionals can be magic!

What statement should your sofa cover make?

Bold hues command the room. Neutrals become a part of the structure. Either choice is right depending on your personal sense of style. Is there still room for a statement sofa in a dramatic fabric? Absolutely. Read: Today’s Best Color Trends

Bold Color

How does the sofa design change the room?

  • Low seats and back make a room feel larger.
  • Vertical and horizontal channeling. Tufting. Nailheads. These design ques call for your attention and occupy a bit more emotional space.
  • Simple organic, straight shapes. These design ques blend and become a bit more of the background structure of the room.
  • How about curvy shapes? Curves imply motion and dynamism. They allow organic traffic flow. Be a bit adventurous and put a curvy sofa or sectional into your room and elevate the style. Read Current Passion: Curved Sofas.

Sofa arms matter.

From high shelter-style arms to low blend-into-the-seat arms, each style does something a bit different. Of course, the obvious point of an arm is comfort. The second point is design. But don’t neglect these other points:

  • High blocky arms can interrupt your interior and exterior views.
  • Arm height can make accessing side tables difficult or impossible.

This means you should consider more than just the appearance of the design. Think of the function too.

Natural fabrics and colors with heavy textures that add a real tactile feeling to the room have a huge impact in interior design right now. Cool gray tones from the last few years have turned to warm gray tones. Also, warm beiges are becoming huge in the neutral arena. These cover choices are highlighted by natural wood tones in light or natural walnut stains. Read: Today’s Best Design Trends


You may want to violate the rules!

These living room sofa ideas are really just rules of thumb. Of course, great design sometimes violates the rules. Admitedly, this requires great self-confidence. Not to mention experience. However… the room is about you. It’s about your lifestyle. It’s about your perfect room.