Current Passion: Metal Framed Chairs

We love these beautiful steel-framed chairs! Available in a wide array of designs and covers, they offer a stunning and dramatic addition to your room. Would one of these chairs work in your room?

These chairs not for every room or every person. They are pretty expensive and are generally quite modern. But, we think you should consider the idea. Here are the five top reasons why:

Reason 5) The Soho Chair

We love the wood pieces attached to the arms of the Soho. They add a wonderful design element while providing practical comfort to your chair. Choose from our huge array of fabrics and leathers. Priced from $3849.

WL104-CH-OT_a Soho Chair

Reason 4) The Elwood Chair

The Elwood chair has the elegant polished steel frame, but cradles the upholstered seat within it. This puts the comfort of the fabric or leather at the points of arm contact. A very cool design, but the most expensive of this group. Priced from $6,999.

V_MW_W766-CH_W328E-NB Ellwood Chair (Small)

Reason 3) The McCartney Chair

The McCartney chair is unique in it’s tubular steel construction. We love how the chair seems to rest within the frame on a single point. Very elegant. Priced from $6599.

V_MW_W796-CH_W317H McCartney Chair (Small)

Reason 2) The Emmitt Chair.

The Emmitt chair has another unique story. This chair is hand-crafted in a forge using hand hammered tapered solid steel and a one inch thick, solid maple seat frame. The Emmitt is the real deal. Beautiful furniture and real artisan quality. Priced from $6299.


Reason 1) The Oscar Chair

The number one reason to consider a steel framed chair (and coming soon to BY DESIGN’S floor!) is the Oscar chair. The frame itself is available in antique brass, burnished brass and polished nickel. And of course our huge selection of fabrics and leathers! Plus the best prices in this comparison. Priced from $3099.

Come in soon and take a look at the Oscar.


All products and prices as of 6/13/19 and subject to change of course.