Area Rugs – A Great Beginning for Your Room

Area rugs play several vital roles in the design of your room. Most often they’re used to 1) define a space within a room, 2) add a focal point or 3) add texture and warmth. Because they’re so important, here is an update of a few new designs recently introduced. They’re exciting, and we can’t wait to use them in a room design. Maybe yours!

An idea: Consider beginning your room design by selecting an area rug. This may feel unintuitive. Backwards even. But, there might be benefits. Many, if not all, of your color decisions are done. You simply go to the fabric wall and find fabrics and patterns to match. Plus, the rug might set the tone of the entire room. If the rug is the focal point, then the ottoman cannot be. There are no guarantees of course. But Area Rug first is an interesting path to consider.

Keep in mind – this is just a few of the thousands of designs available to you. The selection is breathtaking!



The room is stunning, right? And below you see the Naomi area rug up close. Just as wonderful. Hand-knotted of wool and cotton. It actually makes sense to get down with your cup of tea and enjoy it! All of the eight Naomi designs evoke a sense of Asian design calm. 10 sizes.

Naomi Rug Collection


Axel rug in Ocean / Beige

I’m at a loss to describe the beautiful Axel area rug collection design. Abstract? Layered? I don’t know. It’s just cool. It comes in six designs and color ways and ten sizes. Colors include stone/sky, silver/spice, beige/sky, ocean/beige, sand/multi and stone/multi. All with a bit of that rich caramel color.

Axel Rug Collection


Roman Rug Collection

The Roman area rug collection is hand-woven of wool, cotton & viscose. Every rug in the Roman collection has this bold design. The scale of the design varies which makes the design more or less powerful. This means you can choose whether your room needs more or less focal impact.



As you approach the Bennett, its richness of color is gradually revealed. Blacks, blues, beiges and a wonderful caramel color is there. A great color palette for your room right from your area rug! A great choice for a tailored, yet rich look.



Prescott Rug Collection

We’ve thrown in just one image of the Prescott area rug collection. This design has a geometric, hexagon design. And yet the weaving pattern makes it feel quite natural. Its like those geometric formations in nature that surprise you. Very cool. Other Prescott designs and color ways are available.



The Noelle is all about subtle texture. These photographs show how the deep grey, or brown or other base color emerges from the lighter surface. Incredible, but subtle depth. As the area rug collections above, there are many designs and color ways to choose from.

Noelle Rug


Heidi Rug Collection

The shading of the Heidi makes it feel like a well-loved heirloom. Maybe we should put it in the will? Several colors and designs available.