#1 Best Interior Designer in Des Moines

Best Interior Designer in Des Moines: #1 – Laura Beeler from BY DESIGN


You probably know that most “best lists” are a pay to play gig. You submit a glamour shot and some text about yourself, cut them a check and Hey, Presto you’re the best. They are so blatantly artificial that BY DESIGN just doesn’t go down that path. Therefore, we were shocked by this latest list. We hadn’t heard of Peerspace and we didn’t pay them.

Notwithstanding that, let us add in our two cents. Laura has decades of experience in interior design. This means that she has faced almost every interior design challenge you can imagine: Small spaces to large spaces. Budget designs to large amazing projects. Laura has worked with clients of every age range and every design style. And she brings the same practical, yet creative, thought to each and every client. Do we think Laura is the best interior designer in Des Moines? We certainly do.

Of course your question is “Is Laura the best interior design in Des Moines for me?” It’s easy to find out. Our process is simply a conversation. Who are you? What are your dreams? What is your unique sense of style?

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Peerspace is the website that created the list. They’re a website that helps you find an available space in your area for almost any need. At this writing they offer spaces in seven countries and hundreds of cities. Des Moines, Iowa included! Peerspaces own marketing says: “Find everything from professionally equipped studios to unconventional rooms and residences.” It seems like a cool concept.

Another point. Laura would argue that our Jessica Young and Madison Wozniak deserve to be on the list. They are young, talented graduates of Iowa State’s interior design program and they are soaking up experience and ideas daily. Bonita and I are amazed and grateful at the level of talent we’ve had on our team.

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