An Organic Modern Living Room

I’m currently in the process of redesigning our living room and thought I’d share my ideas with you…I’d love any feedback you have to give!

The look I’m going for is Organic Modern…(learn more about organic modern design here) with a touch of glam. We’re adding new wood floors to the room along with a new concrete fireplace surround. Our house was built in 1978, and it’s a split entry ranch home with vaulted ceilings and a ton of sliding glass doors (6 total?!). We love the natural light of this home, but the angles can be really hard to decorate around.

This is the before photo of our room…we have carpet and a modern tile fireplace. We love the Colton sectional in our living room now – so comfortable and pretty. We also love our American Leather comfort recliner…both pieces will be relocated to our family room. We will get more use out of our family room with this comfortable furniture drawing us downstairs.

Once we have the new floors installed and the concrete fireplace surround created (we’re attempting to DIY this project 😳) we’re planning to mount the TV on the wall next to the fireplace. Doing this will allow us to square up the room a bit more – since we’ve moved in the TV has been in the corner, which means the sectional has been angled to face the TV. I’m excited to be able to try an entirely new configuration of furniture in this room!

Here is the plan for the room…as you can see, we’ll ground the space with a great big rug, add a sofa, two chairs and a bench facing the chairs. Having a low backed bench there will allow the open space between the living room and dining area to keep it’s open sight lines, but will still give us additional seating. We’ll have a great big ottoman in front of the sofa to add more space to kick your feet up.

On the wall behind the sofa, we’ll bring in a huge bookcase – most likely something with mixed wood and metal. And in the dining area, we’ll add a rug and a big 8 -10 person rectangular table. We currently have a round glass table there that seats 4 people, so we’re excited about the idea of a big table!

Here’s the plan I’ve come up with so far…I still need to make quite a few decisions…so this is just a starting place!

  1. Oh…how I love this American Leather Harlow sofa! You can see it in person at by Design in the Modern Luxury room…it’s so pretty and comfortable. But not messy…I want a sofa that stays nice looking and doesn’t get all frumpy when you sit on it too much!
  2. I love these gray chairs with wood arms…I really love the dimension that wood arms bring to an accent chair.
  3. Every room needs a little leather….and this great leather bench will bridge the gap to the dining area nicely!
  4. I’m yearning for a huge warm toned rug…something dramatic, yet livable. But I also love a couple darker rugs that might be easier for me to live with for a longer time.
  5. I think this a great, classic round back chair in black. Every room needs a little black….
  6. Since I’ll have 8 chairs…should I do two more comfortable chairs on the end like #6?
  7. I can’t help it…I still love gold lights!
  8. I want a great big wood table – but I love the metal accents on this base.
  9. Again…we come back to my gold and wood obsession – this may be too much with the table.
  10. And finally – just wanted to show you what we’re planning for the fireplace!

Stay tuned for after photos…and please let me know if you have any suggestions for my room!