Low Profile Sofas & Sectionals

Are they right for you?

Low profile sofa and sectional designs are everywhere! Every BY DESIGN vendor now has introductions with a very low, European look. This design gives these collections a longer, more elegant look. The rooms they’re in even seem bigger. Who doesn’t love that?

How about comfort? Low profile design almost always has a significantly deeper seat. It feels natural to stretch your legs out and relax. That kind of inviting, casual comfort is often what we’re striving for. But, there is a downside. It can be hard to get up from this lower seat. That 3 inches can make a real difference.

The London sectional with high metal legs. Definitely a low profile design.

“Standard” Sofa Specs

Here are some pretty standard furniture dimensions. They are standard because they really work well.

Low profile sofas, sectionals and chairs change that in some pretty significant ways. They can still be super-comfortable… but it is a different type of comfort. Here are the specifications of one of our low profile collections:

Low Profile Sofa Specs

  • Seat height is three inches lower. And that can be a big deal.
  • Overall height is five inches lower. This provides the elegant lines.
  • Overall depth is three inches deeper. So you can get by with less back height and still achieve comfort.
low-profile-sofa-sectional-design- London
This is the same London sectional design as above, but it is a low base version rather than legs.

At BY DESIGN, we will always give you options. There are many, many beautiful collections with both standard and low profile sofas and sectionals. You don’t have to sacrifice. Custom furniture means you get to choose the perfect sofa or sectional for your room. If low profile doesn’t work, you still have options:

This Brooke sectional has a standard 20″ seat height. Still elegant!