A Kitchen Island for My Home?

A kitchen island can be so much more than a couple of base cabinets with counter-top on them. 

As our kitchens continue to evolve and merge with our other living spaces, the kitchen island is growing rapidly in popularity. And no wonder. They offer so much functionality, so much living style, so much beauty. 

These new ideas are radically changing our kitchens. Rather than packing as many cupboards and drawers into the space as possible, we’re making them look more like living rooms:

  • Cut down on upper cabinets.
  • Create both work areas and entertainment areas in the room.
  • Provide a way for our guests or family to be more intimately involved in the meal.
  • Make the room furnishings more “furniture like” and less kitchen-y.

Cooking and food are crucial parts of our cultures. 

Allow us to wax poetic for a moment…

If life is about living and sharing beautiful experiences (and we think it is), then gathering together around a shared hearth and meal may be one of the most important opportunities you can offer your friends and family each day.



Consider a kitchen island in the interior design of your home. And maybe more than just a couple of cabinets. Maybe a beautiful piece of furniture with amazing texture, finish, function and personality. Maybe your kitchen island should be the focal point of your kitchen or great room.
Expect to see a lot more kitchen islands in all of our favorite styles and finishes coming into our store, by Design, in Clive, Iowa.