Interior Design Style: Euro-Contemporary

Contemporary European interior design. At BY DESIGN we call it the Euro-Contemporary Design Style. It’s a blend of Italian and Scandinavian impulses. It’s a balance between the starker, more minimalistic Scandinavian and the richer, more decorative Italian. Magic happens when you find the point on the spectrum – neither too stark nor too fussy – that is just right for you and your home.

These chairs are a wonderful combination of fabric and leather with the steel frame adding a bit of jewelry. They shout comfort and style. And you know how comfortable almost any barrel-shaped chair can be!

Emerald green, rose, brass and even copper hues take this room out of the ordinary.

Scale and Comfort. Euro-Contemporary upholstery pieces have quite low seat and back heights compared to American standards. It is common to see 17″ or 18″ seat heights combined with 29″-30″ back heights in this style. Americans are used to a 20″ seat and that difference can be profound! If you are comfortable with a low seat – great! We have the pieces for you. If not… best to find out early and pick pieces that will give you the look you love in furniture you find comfortable.

Warm, buttery leather makes a big impact in this neutral room.

Decoration and Detail. Contemporary European interior design doesn’t layer on multiple extravagant patterns, colors and textures the way European traditional did. Rather, it tends to choose a signature piece and adds pop and detail with gold, marble or colored accents.

contemporary European interior design
Warm greys and ash browns give a calm but rich ambience.

Colors and Textures. Often room design will begin with neutrals. These light or creamy hues create a sense of airy freshness and space that that will please each time you step back into the room. Keep everything looking and feeling sleek… and then… accent these neutral hues with infusions of technicolor intensity.

contemporary European interior design
What could be more Italian than marble?

So if you chose the popular greige family as a base, one piece of furniture or your accessories might be emerald green or Mediterranean blue. However, adventurous souls seem attracted to contemporary European interior design. So any accent on the entire color palette is very possible. And fun.

contemporary European interior design
Soft neutrals with pops of green and mustard. Fresh, yet calm.

Final Touch. Add just a bit of old world charm to your room. Add a print or some old world tile or travertine. Maybe evoke the Mediterranean sun, French bistro or even Irish pub. You’ll have a contemporary, sophisticated room with a nod back to its wonderful history and culture.