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Wanted: An Amazing Human Being.


An Interior Design degree or certification is not required.

Here’s what makes a great designer:

  • willingness to learn.  No one knows it all.  But, if we’re constantly looking for new ideas, new processes and ways to improve we will succeed. A design degree is great.
  • talent.  Sure, this job requires design sense.  We can teach many skills, but you need a talent base.
  • passion.  Our designers are fabric nerds.  And design nerds.  They love color, beauty, sparkle and comfort.  They get excited by new details and unexpected creativity.  They live for new trends and old ideas presented in new ways.
  • drive.  You don’t get to design until someone is convinced that you are the right person to help them create their perfect room.  If you don’t create that trust, you won’t get to design.
  • empathy.  Interior design is an intensely personal experience.  You’re helping to create the space that people will live in, relax in, entertain in.  The space that will help identify who they are.  You must genuinely care.

At By Design, you will work with a team of designers in a fun environment helping to create beautiful homes for your clients.  Delighting your client is an incredibly rewarding experience.

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