Consider the EASE Collection

If you like beautifully styled modern sofas, sectionals and chairs, you’ll love EASE.

First let’s talk style. Here are a few examples of the EASE collections great styles. (We’d love to show you more!)

Here is the Tess sofa. Flowing lines are emphasized by tight back and bench seat. Sculpted flair arms and steel legs make this a work of art. (You should see the black leather Tess Laura and her client created! Wow. Stunner.

The Thea style is contemporary, but a bit more lifestyle with it’s unique stepped arm design. It’s available as a bench seat sofa, three seat sofa, two-over-two seat sofa and a chair and ottoman. With leg options in the Tailored and Custom programs.

Lucca is available as either a sofa or a sectional configuration. We love it’s bold, blocky styling, combined with this great bolster-back idea. Throw pillows add a soft and comfortable aura. Did I mention we love it?

These are just three examples of this great collection. Want to see more? You can download a PDF EASE catalog right now:

Or… there is a link at the bottom of this post to our EASE image gallery. Please head over there and take a look!

Your Options. Now let’s talk about the EASE program. There are three ways to use our EASE Collection to create your perfect room:

  1. EASE Stocked. These pieces are ready to ship (I know, not what you expect from BD!) They are available in these five specially chosen, aggressively priced fabrics. Legs are Round, tapered design with flaxen stone finish.

Stocked pieces ship quickly! This is the fastest way to get your new room.

2. EASE Tailored is the next step. For a little bit extra, you choose from a handle of 40 – 50 selected fabrics. (And they are great choices!) Plus you have leg choices:

Multiple wood and metal finishes choices are available. You see that you can take these great designs from transitional to very modern by selecting different options. All of the Stocked styles are available in the Tailored program, now with all of the choices. Plus… these additional styles are available:

Lucca Two Seat Sofa
Lucca sectional

3. EASE Custom is option three for you. If you love perfecting every detail and personalizing to the Nth degree… EASE custom is for you! Or you can have one of our talented designers help you through the process, of course. Their experience and expertise come free with your purchase!

For example:

  • You can choose from thousands of leathers and fabrics
  • You can change or contrast welt cord
  • You can add leather areas to a fabric style
  • You can choose fabric combinations on a single piece
  • You can do COL (customer’s own leather) or COM (customer’s own material)
  • You can choose cushion options including spring lux cushion, Bliss srping down cushion, Majestic cushion, Feather Lux cushion, Relaxed down cushion and more.
  • You can choose from over thirty nail trim options, and you can choose the spacing on them.
  • You can add nail bands.
  • You can choose different size welt and seam options.
  • You can add quilting options.
  • You can add decorative trims.
  • You can choose from over 70 standard stain and paint finishes. Personalized finishes are also available.

It is a daunting list. However, nobody chooses all of them. The point is to pick the few that make your EASE piece perfect for you and your room.