Awesome Glass Top Cocktail and End Tables

Are they furniture or art? You’re right – they’re both.

Glass is so beautiful. It can add space. It can add sparkle. It can imply water and all of the cool, refreshing feelings we associate with water. Glass, mirrors and lighting all fall together into a category of interior design ideas that add dimension and warmth to a room. Every room is improved with some addition of glass and light.

Here are some very special glass pieces. Far from a simple clear glass, Charleston Forge has selected interesting and wonderful glass and used it along with their own hand-crafted custom-forged iron and wood creations. The results are pieces of furniture that take your room out of the ordinary and into the world of art.

Above you see fusion glass. Fusion glass is crafted by the laminating together four pieces of ultra-clear glass and polishing down the edges. At certain temperatures, glass tends to melt. When two or more separate pieces are placed together inside a hot kiln, these pieces soften and then meld together.


Facet Glass is created by laminating a ½” sheet of glass between two even thinner pieces and making a single 5/8” thick sheet.  Once the three pieces are joined, the middle sheet is intentionally shattered with a precise blow. The crackled effect makes a stunning, three dimensional effect allowing the shards of glass to catch the light from every angle.”


Cast glass is exactly what its name suggests — glass that when molten was poured into a mold and allowed to cool slowly and solidify. The end result is that each top is a one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring a unique mixture of swirls and ripples both on the surface as well as inside the glass itself. Bubbles, as well as areas of varying opacity and cloudiness and even tint, are also abundant inside the 1-inch thick tops.”


Cast glass closeup. Beautiful.


Bronze faceted glass.

Lotus Drink Table with Linen Glass top option, Oyster Linen lamented between two sheets of glass. Like some of these glass surfaces, Linen glass is not part of the regular line and may not be available on a continual basis.

You can seem more Charleston Forge tables and glass tops here. It’s a wonderful source.