Undercover Sleeper

A Sleeper that REALLY Doesn’t Look like a Sleeper

One of the reasons we love the Comfort Sleepers is that they are wonderfully designed additions to your home. Each design is something we are proud to put in our client’s room.

However, if you’d like a sleeper that will startle most visitors when you casually announce “Oh, and its a sleeper too” then consider the Sulley, the Bryson or the Brandt sleeper:

And remember:

  • Comfort Sleepers are available in seven mattress sizes from King to Cot
  • Comfort Sleepers are available in sofas, loveseats chairs and incredibly versatile sectional designs.
  • A huge selection of fabrics and leathers is available

The Sulley

Sulley Sleeper - American Leather
Sulley Comfort Sleeper

Sulley is a fashion-forward beauty with European flair. Striking embedded metal legs intersect with thin track arms to create a modern masterpiece.

Sulley Comfort Sleeper

The Bryson

, Undercover Sleeper, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design
Bryson Comfort Sleeper

Bryson’s beautiful track arms and flawless tailoring are highlighted by double-needle top-stitching and gorgeous sculpted legs. What is more, the legs can be customized in either metal or wood.

, Undercover Sleeper, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design

The Brandt

Brandt Comfort Sleeper
Brandt Comfort Sleeper

Brandt is a very current up-to-date design. The designer added narrower track arms and a modern stainless steel sled base to come up with a stunning space saving solution. Brandt is worth your consideration.