The New Classics Design Style

Perhaps you love interior design that is a bit more decorative. Maybe you appreciate rooms that nod to beautiful designs of the past, but that use the best of today. FEAR NOT! Every room and every home need not be contemporary! The New Classics Design Interior Design Style may be for you. Take a look:

It’s all about the details

Here is a cool, refreshing New Classics Style room. Does it feel modern? Sure. Many of the elements are modern. Those amazing cocktail cubes, the wood and acrylic end tables are quite modern. Not to mention the comfortable, rounded cushions and vertical pleating on the sofa. But the lamps lean traditional. Why is it New Classic?


It’s the details that make the difference. The Monroe sofa (above and below), with its low shelter arms that feature a scooped detail and those wonderful legs, are definitely New Classics Style. Take a look at those shapely legs below:

Monroe Sofa

Sometimes it’s a subtle difference

Below you see a great illustration of the sometimes subtle difference between New Classics Interior Design Style and some of the styles termed “modern”. These two rooms are identical — but for the chairs. Choosing a scooped-arm skirted chair tips the room to New Classic. The steel base dining chair pushes it toward Modern Luxury or perhaps Organic Modern.

Living Rooms

Subtle decorative details: a bit of tufting on the chair. Carved legs on the sofa. Nailhead detail on the ottoman.

These upholstered pieces are all perfect for a New Classics interior design style room. Above the Allegra sofa, Kemp chair and Monterrey ottoman. Rich details combined with elegantly simple styling. Such rich and inviting look. Yet so tailored and finished.

Below is the Sonata chair and ottoman. The beautiful curves of its back, arm and seat combined with the simple tapered leg are quite wonderful.

interior_design_style_new_classics_Sonata_chair_ottoman_Simple Chic

All of the rooms so far have had a bit or an elegant edge. But, you can certainly use New Classics interior design style to create a casual, comfortable room.

This exuberant room gets its New Classics vibe from several elements. Most notably the three button-tufted leather ottomans. Add in that bold, turned wood pedestal on the Marvelle dining table and the creative nod to the classic wing chair in these Jordan dining chairs and you get a wonderful New Classics room.

New Classics Design Style Dining

The rooms pictured above and below show informal spaces using New Classics pieces. The Belair sofa above combines button-tufting with mid-century modern legs. The Griffon sofa below features a rolled-arm design with a contemporary wooden base. Both rooms feature warm, worn wood finishes and the casual, please live-in-me feel that we love in our homes today.

Take New Classics a bit more masculine with a Chesterfield style sofa.


The bedroom below has many contemporary elements from the end tables to the bench in the background to the simple white color palette. In the middle of all of these the designer has featured a button-tufted, nailhead trimmed wing bed that nods to New Classics interior design style. Elegantly done.

Twilight Bed is super customizable

Below is a wonderful room telling a mountain lodge story. The richly painted wood-paneled walls are a perfect foil for this dramatic statement. In the middle of all of these traditional notes the designer has placed a striking Vance dresser, a bold contemporary print and a goose-neck lamp. What amazing drama with New Classics style.

The boldness of contemporary combined with the richness of tradition equals the NEW CLASSICS DESIGN STYLE.

Home Office

Here are a couple of home office rooms with New Classics interior design style details:

The Berkely desk surprises by combining bamboo trim with a modern steel base.
The Burled walnut Scribner desk, brass nails and leather on the chair add that classic feel to this home office.

New Classics interior design style really isn’t traditional. And it certainly isn’t old fashioned. Rather its a great look to choose in many great homes. Perhaps yours?