What Can I Expect to Spend

Custom furniture pricing varies by options. Fabrics, finishes, cushions — each selection can change a price. And, there are many, many options.


we work to your budget. Beautiful design is available to you. Here are price ranges that can guide your thinking:


Our VIEWPOINT program sofas are priced at $1599 and $1699. (Custom sofas with lots of options!)

Our most popular sofas run $1999 to $2999. Wonderful comfort, designed and built just for you.

We can go big. Maybe your home and tastes need large scale, opulent fabrics and incredible detail — or nationally recognized designer creations. $3000 to $5000 (and up!).


VIEWPOINT program sectionals begin at $2299. Great fabrics, wood finishes and many included options.

Our most popular sectionals are in the $2999 to $5999 range. Gigantic selection of styles and options here.

Higher priced sectionals are… well… higher. Prices can go from $7000 to $15000 (and more if you’d like!)

Many of our customers work to a plan. It’s a great way to manage your budget. But what if you were to do the whole room at once? Here are some ranges:

(upholstery, table, lighting, rugs, wall art):

Using our VIEWPOINT program, $4000 to $6000 is do-able

Many customers land in the $6000 to $15000 range

High end selections can easily total $15000 and up

Where do you fall in this range? That is where a designer comes in. Her job isn’t to drive your costs up – her job is to listen to you. To uncover and understand your lifestyle, your design style and to help you create your perfect room.