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Six of the Most Exciting Color Trends for 2019

Evolution is an appropriate word to use when discussing interior design colors. Popular color palettes continually change. Thinking of them as progressive trends allows us to use them as tools to create that fresh, up-to-date look in your room while assuring you that your design will not look dated tomorrow.

1. Blues get stronger & stronger.

Maybe its because there are endless hues of blues. Or perhaps its our association of blue with water and life. Whatever, blue is a powerful color trend.

Norwalk’s Handcrafted

This is a fabulous fabric collection that highlights deep-toned steel blue accents. Exploded chenille, specialty embroidery, delicate matelassé, and broken damask are all featured. This carefully curated collection makes it easy for you to create your unique room… in blue.


Great in any design style and particularly wonderful in a New Classics design style room like this one.

Sherwin Williams’ Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool shows that not everything is about warm tones for 2019. In fact, refreshing is the word that is most evocative of this wonderful color.


The Reflecting Pool trend seems made to order for Simple Chic or New Classics rooms.

2. Greens are coming on!

Wait till you see all the fresh new green fabrics on our fabric wall! They’re irresistable! Solids, patterns, prints and wovens… BD customers have recently created wonderful rooms in the new greens.


The favored design styles for these shades have been New Classics and Simple Chic.

3. Black – dramatic and elegant.

Black never goes out of style. Never. Think black when you want to add drama and a sexy boldness to your room. Black can be the main color or can be used to make other color choices more vivid. Read more in our Current Passion: Jet Black post.

Black Color Trend Four Hands

Black is another theme that works in almost every design style.

4. Blush Tones – add subtle warmth to your room.

Keep reading! This exciting color trend is versatile and amazingly varied.

Norwalk’s Twilight

With a decidedly glam element to these groups, Norwalk’s Twilight collection is rooted in soft greys that range from Flint to Driftwood to Cloud and Old Pewter, and most exhibit a decided undertone of silver. These vignettes are accented with on-trend blush tones of soft rose and pink lemonade. Bunny fur, faux slate, and pearlized ostrich all add a touch of whimsy

Kobe_sofa_Tess_Mimi ottoman

Terrific look for the Touch of Glamour design style room.

Sherwin Williams’ Wanderer with Cavern Clay

We love Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay color scheme, their color of the year. They describe it as “ancient, yet fully alive. Bohemian, yet totally refined”. Read the entire post, see complimentary colors and see more images here: Cavern Clay

Sherwin Williams Caver Clay color trend

Very versatile, but particularly wonderful in Modern Casual rooms!

5. Vivid Colors for vibrant rooms.

Norwalk’s New Boho

Millennials (and other generations!) are adopting an exuberant bohemian mix of patterns, ethnic references, and lively colors. Norwalk calls it New Boho. Perhaps not quite as spare as “la vie boheme” of the classic Paris garret apartment, New Boho pad is an eclectic mix of flea market finds, creatively edited accents, purchased treasures, and a free-spirited mix of colors, plants, and fabric patterns. This lively vibe can range from romantic to folksy, but it’s never boring.

Milford_sofa_new boho

This is a fun look with a Simple Chic or Mid-century modern design style

Sherwin Williams’ Aficianado

With copper and gold anchored by merlot and deep, dark gray, these tailored tones make everything feel impeccable, tasteful and elegant. It’s about the best in life. And of course it goes well with New Classic – however – we’re showing it here in a Euro Contemporary room! Although this theme can evoke the well-worn, the bespoke and the rare, Aficianado is really about the combining the warmth of those earth tones with the punch of blues or purples.

Afficianado works equally well with Euro Contemporary, Simple Chic and even Modern Casual design styles.

afficianado color trend

6. Layers of Gray

Is gray’s popularity due to its’ beauty or to its’ practicality? Yes. Here is a great source post for working with grays from Benjamin Moore: Gray Colors.

Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitano (AF-690)

Nuanced, harmonious and oozing extravagant ease. Always adaptable, Metropolitano softens to matte or shimmers with sheen. It’s neutral. It’s understated. It just is. “This is color, off-duty.”

Here is a video from Benjamin Moore about Metropolitano, their color of the year: Metropolitano Video

Benjamin Moore Metropolitano color trend

This is a nearly universal color trend. It can elevate any design style. And… it is timeless as well.

Come into our store and see fabrics and products in these color trends soon!

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