Interior Design Color Trends Today

Six of the Most Exciting Color Trends for 2022

The Trend Evolution continues! Popular interior design color trend palettes continually change. Thinking of them as progressive trends allows us to use them as tools to create that fresh, up-to-date look in your room while assuring you that your design will not look dated tomorrow.


Creamy whites and beiges are among the most versatile interior design color palettes. Are you looking for a clean and restful space? Or do you dream of a dramatic splash? You can use warm linens and whites and tweak the room with more or less bright accents. Is your room light challenged? This color palette lightens any space. Are you a clean minimalist or a rich maximalist? Amazingly, these colors work for both.

Warm whites & beiges in Living Room

Another interior design trend that compliments WARM LINENS AND WHITES is the move towards lighter, more natural wood tones. Read our post about the light wood finish trend here. Also our post White – The Perfect Neutral is closely related.


The new GREEN INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS range from light, cool green to warmer gray-meets-green. Some are even a brighter guacamole green! But they all bring a fresh, organic feel to your home. You’ll be surprised by the range of fabrics on our fabric wall that will work with these new hues.

Annette is available in cuddle chair or loveseat

A word on white accents. Choose a fresh white accent color for more pop and fun. Or… choose a warmer softer white for a more soothing, relaxed feeling. The difference is subtle, but worth thinking about.

Have you checked out our recent Interior Design Color Trends – GREEN! post? Dive a bit deeper into this great design trend there.


This is a brown spectrum of colors and finishes. You’ll often see warm woods and leathers used in these interior designs. However, you can surely achieve them with fabrics, metal finishes and artwork just as well. They all work and they all add richness and warmth to your room.

A taste of caramel and a toast of champagne combines with earthy browns.

Louise sofa

Watch a video presentation of Norwalk Furniture’s TOAST & TEA fabric introduction that is all about this interior design color trend here. You might also enjoy our post Interior Design Color Trend: Terracotta & Spice.


Maybe its because there are endless hues of blues. Or perhaps its our association of blue with water and life. Whatever, blue is a powerful color trend. Many rooms will be done in softer blues. However, blue is such a staple color that blue gives you the option to be more daring. You can show your confidence and creativity with more abandon when you begin with blue.

Also.,. our fabric wall selection in extremely wide in the blue stories. Come in and check them out!

Wynne sofa & chair

A further note on blue. Blue is the most versatile interior design color palette. Why? It complements almost any color on the color wheel. This means that your color pairing options are immense. It’s good to have options!

Blue is also a wonderful choice for color drenching. Take a look at this post for an illustration.


Black and white. It. is. always. amazing. Black accents work with a huge range of color stories to add punch. Black with wood tones look amazing. But you should consider the power of a black color story for your room! Like white, black works for both minimalist and maximalist rooms. When combined with white, you get both light and drama. When used in a mostly monochromatic fashion, you get a stunningly sophisticated and moody effect.

This is why a BLACK INTERIOR DESIGN COLOR TREND is timeless. Dramatic statement? Stunning impact? Incredible sophistication? Anyone? Anyone? Yes please.

Sophisticated layers of black and gray

A note for you even if you’re not considering a black interior design color story. Just as most rooms benefit from the sparkling presence of a mirror – most also benefit from a bit of black.


For those of you with a bit more exuberant styles we offer COLORS. Lots and lots of wonderful colors. And bold colors are definitely in. Frequently we use them as an accent color in a otherwise neutral room. In other rooms the color is front and center.

Here is a good recipe for bold color: 1) a large, boldly colored piece (sofa, sectional, ottoman), 2) balanced with another piece or two in a complementary hue and 3) set against a whole room backdrop of one, singular shade.

Is there anything better than a sophisticated, curated selection of fabrics in a room?

Vivid reds are always stunning. Coppers, golds, merlot and deep, dark gray. Or perhaps the punch of blues or purples. After all, Pantone’s color of the year is Very Peri:


Can you imagine Very Peri accents combined in a room with the warm linens and whites in Color Trend 1 above? It would be amazing! We have thousands and thousands of leathers and fabrics on our wall. Come in anytime and dream. We would love to help. It’s all about the conversation.