2022 Interior Design Colors – Green!

Pantone, paint companies and many designers have flooded us with 2022 Color of the Year predictions. However — over half of the Color of the Year selections for 2022 are green! You may or may not consider yourself a green person. But we’d like to show you what all the buzz is about. Maybe you’ll see something you love. We do.


Breezeway by Behr

A very light cool green, Breezeway would be easy to live with for years. Breezeway evokes water, shore and light. Behr says it naturally harmonizes with shades of white, gray and natural wood tones for effortless style in any room. BY DESIGN agrees.

CREDIT: Behr & Home Depot


October Mist by Benjamin Moore

October Mist is described as a silver-green. The countertop and stools play off that hint of silver. In spite of that silver hint, it is a bit warmer than Breezeway. October Mist is part of a terrific color palette shown here.

CREDIT: Benjamin Moore

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

A slightly darker and cooler green. Evergreen Fog is described as green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue. You’ll probably be surprised that at times it will feel like a color and at other times like a neutral. This is one of the best.

CREDIT: Sherwin-Williams


Laurel Leaf by Better Homes & Gardens

Laurel Leaf is definitely green, but it is described as a warm dusty shade. Along with the Guacamole color below. Laurel Leaf is a definite commitment to a green room. Nevertheless, we think you’ll love it for years. 2022 interior design colors green.

CREDIT: Better Homes & Gardens & Walmart

Olive Sprig by PPG

Olive Sprig swings a bit back to the warmer hues. After all, it does say olive in the name. PPG describes Olive Sprig as a midtone, neutral, lush green with an organic green undertone. It is a very refreshing, livable color.


Guacamole by Glidden

Guacamole is a confident green. It is intended to be avocado refreshing. But, you will be making a statement. One surprising hint: you’ll find that adding the contrasting green of plants will really enhance the effect of this hue.

CREDIT: Glidden Paint & Home Depot

3 Lessons from 2022 Interior Design Colors – Green

  1. The most obvious: every single room uses white with the green. And they all look terrific.
  2. Most use light or medium wood tones. This gives a natural feeling to your room.
  3. The rooms have a simple, serene feeling. Begin your design with the color. Perfect it with simple, uncluttered design.

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