Achieving a Modern luxury Room

Your Modern Luxury Room Interior Design Style

The lustrous look of modern luxury style interior design has broad appeal. It offers a modern look while feeling more high-end and mature rather than futuristic and innovative. Texture, materials and color play a higher role than anything in this design style. When I think about this Modern Luxury Design, I visualize it with neutral tones, jewel tones, luxurious fabrics, layered textures, and even stone and metal to top off the look. Even though the style leans toward high-end design, Modern Luxury Style can be more affordable than you may think!

modern luxury style interior design sofa

Image: American Leather – Custom Modern Sofas and Sectionals

Texture is everything to a room. Lack texture? Your room feels flat and lifeless. Consider adding and layers and texture! Suddenly there is depth. I have said it before and I will say it again, texture is absolutely necessary to a space, and anyone can achieve it. This can be done by using different upholstery and materials throughout your space. In Modern Luxury Design, think leather, think velvet, maybe even think faux furs and natural materials like stone, wood and metal. Oftentimes, instead of wooden legs on a sofa, try a metal base. This automatically is a huge step towards your desired look with such a small adjustment! These are all crucial textures to contemplate when designing your Modern Luxe space. Lastly, keep your lines horizontal and vertical. Sure you can have some curved surfaces or round chairs, but keep it linear as much as you can. This is how we achieve the modern part in Modern Luxury Interior Design.

modern luxury style interior design bed

Image: American Leather – Menlo Park Bed

Neutrals and jewel tones are the goal. Sure, if you love a specific color, run with it! But, if you are unsure where to start, start herewith neutrals! Layering multiple tones of creams, browns, grays or black and white offer a fantastic base to create your space. With Modern Luxury style, jewel tones are often a great way to achieve this look due to the connotations associated with the colors. We call them jewel tones after all! They are luxurious and lustrous colors that keep a space warm and inviting while feeling mature and classy. If you are on the bolder side, have a jeweled toned chair or sofa. If you are a tad more reserved in the color realm, that’s okay too! Use these tones in accessories, pillows, or rugs!

modern luxury style interior design metal leg sofa

Image: American Leather – Barcelona Sofa

Accessorize for elegance!

When accessorizing your space to meet Modern Luxury style interior design, whether you are a maximalist or minimalist, lamps are a great way to continue this style throughout your space. This offers another way to introduce other materials into your space for layering textures. You may choose a stone lamp or even an intriguing ceramic or glass design. Have fun with it! Make it classy. Make it masculine or feminine. Doll it up with jewels, shine and velvet, or give it a rough look with steel or stone. Add items that make your space your own, but if it comes in high-end looking finishes, even better! Think of chrome, gold, stone, crystals, jewels, stones and the occasional wood piece. Geometric and abstract patterns are adored in the realm of modern luxe.
Modernize your own space with furniture and accessories that say “luxury” to you! It can be as easy as making your sofa legs chrome and switching your wood coffee table or a stone one. Is Modern Luxury calling your name?

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