A completely new concept in furniture

BY DESIGN’S new Comfort Innovations room is dedicated to innovative, functional – and beautiful – furniture. The newest products in that room are the Comfort Air chairs. Comfort Air is a complete re-envisioning of what a chair is and how it should do its job.


It all began with a visionary. In 1975 Scott Erb visited Europe to study furniture design there. Though impressive, he felt it was missing something. Engineering could contribute to the comfort and function of a chair

He began to think and work on the problem and applied for his first patent in 1995. The patent was granted in 2000. Clearly, the idea had a long way to go!


In 2005 Mark Erb retired from the FAA and began to work with his brother, Scott to perfect the chair design.  in 2010 the brothers received the first patent for the new design.

After hearing a podcast, they identified American Leather as the perfect company to bring the idea to life. American Leather had already innovated with the awesome Comfort Sleepers and Comfort Recliners – two products that to this day are the best in the industry.


American Leather founder, Bob Duncan, and designer Jeff Weber formed a team. Their assignment: bring the original concept into the 21st Century by perfecting the design – all the time maintaining the dynamic motion and concept of the original chair.

This is critical. The great idea means nothing if it cannot be translated into beautiful furniture that you would be proud to have in your home. We think they succeeded.

The final results speak for themselves. The Comfort Air is available in six styles, three sizes, multiple bases and finishes and hundreds of leathers and fabrics.