Comfort, Style, Sophistication in a whole new way

EASE offers a new direction in livable design. It’s the well-tailored sofa that looks amazing but doesn’t feel too precious to use. It’s the cozy comfort you want to relax into, blended with the refined silhouette that complements your home decor. It’s the thoughtful evolution of product design that combines the best of everything: comfort, style, sophistication — in a whole new way. It’s a way of life where you’re surrounded with furnishings that make you happy on every level, with EASE.

  1. “Stocked EASE” designs are in-stock and ready to ship! Nine frames stocked in five wonderful fabrics.
  2. “Tailored EASE” in over fifty wonderful fabrics with great pricing.
  3. “Custom EASE” in thousands of fabrics & finishes with choice of Leg styles (so you can go full designer mode).

But… the EASE story is really all about style:

The Ease Collection