Create your perfect room.

by Design is full of beautiful furniture and cool accents. However, your room must be greater than the sum of its parts. So, our mission is to engage you in a design experience with the goal of creating your personal, perfect room. We will mix these three key elements:

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Our Latest Design Ideas

Can’t get enough of good interior design ideas? Neither can we.

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transitional room

Transitional Design

What is Transitional Design?
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floral design

Current Passion: Floral

Why we’re digging this pretty new floral trend.
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Client living room

White Glove Delivery

We are so happy to announce White Glove Delivery service is now available to our clients around the United States!
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The Living Room

Many people don’t care much for their living rooms. It seems surprising, but that has been our observation. They love their kitchen or even better their kitchen and great room. But we’ve always loved our living rooms. From our very first house onward, our living room has been at least as important to us as
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