Curvy Furniture – Why We Love It

Do you consider yourself a fan of geometric or organic shapes? Maybe you are a person who likes a little bit of both. Regardless of your preference, there is one thing we can all agree on . . curvy furniture is taking over!

From scalloped textures to rounded corners, we see it everywhere and we are loving it! These curved forms are making their mark and we are here for it. If you are a fan of barrel chairs, round mirrors, fun textures, and uniquely shaped dining chairs, you have come to the right place!

curvy furniture image gallery
Rounded Furniture Image Gallery

But why are we focusing on curves? I know what you are thinking. This seems normal anyway right? What if I love geometric and clean lines; so what does this have to do with me? Well, there is something about curves that can appeal to everyone.

We’ve mentioned before to add texture to your home, to find your style and to have pride in it! Well curvy furniture is the same thing. They can fit right into your style, whether you are a clean line fan or an organic lover. Curves offer texture, shape, and volume to a space. They help a room to maintain dimension and to not fall flat.

How to Style with Curvy Furniture

What makes styling curves so easy, is you can have as few or as many as you want in any given room. My favorite way to introduce curved forms into a home is with accent chairs!

Accent chairs are a fun way to not only personalize your room, but to experiment! Because these chairs take up less space than a sofa or sectional, we are often more willing to commit to a fun shape or style for these pieces of furniture. However, if this is still too much of a commitment for you, you can take it to a smaller scale and still have success.

Curvy Furniture

Coffee tables, end tables, and art are a fun way to introduce curvy furniture and organic forms as well. Their small scale can be just as fun and appealing! Do you already love round coffee tables and ottomans? Easy enough! Layer the curves from there. Add more rounded features in some artwork, and the layering has begun! The key is to introduce the curves on different planes.

Rounded edges, clean lines, and organic shapes are consistently inspiring our homes and what furniture we desire to fill it with. Does a little curve appeal fit in with your design style?


Madison Wozniak About the author: “Art and design have always had a place in my heart and I am eager to share it!” | Madison’s Page