Sofa v. Sectional…Which option is right for you?

There are so many decisions to make when you are designing a new room in your home…and one of the biggest is whether to choose a sectional or sofa! Trust us – we’ve helped thousands of people make these decisions over our 40 years in business at by Design. We can help you too!

Here are some guidelines to follow when making the big decision.

Room Layout

A sectional needs a big room…and a room that has the correct layout, while a sofa can fit in many small or awkward spaces. Don’t try to fit a huge sectional in a small room, it will make the space feel small and crowded. On the flip side, a single sofa and chairs in a bit room can feel a bit sparse. A good designer will create a floor plan so you can see how each furniture piece will lay out in advance of ordering.

Sectional Sofa



In general, a sectional is a less formal option than a sofa. A sectional encourages stretching out and laying down, while a sofa is for sitting or perching. A sectional is for Netflix binges and a sofa is for entertaining and conversation.

Sectional Sofa

How the Room is Used

A room that needs to sit a lot of people will do better with a sofa and chairs. A sectional has the same number of seats, but there are some parts of a sectional that just aren’t usable. It’s confusing, but trust us – no one wants to sit in the awkward corner where their feet don’t quite touch the floor.





Change is Good

Don’t underestimate the value of changing up your space. If you’ve had a sofa and two chairs for the past 10 years – try something new this time and order a sectional. It will make your room feel like a new space and make you feel like your investment in new pieces is worth the money.

Sectional Sofa

As always – the best way to make these decisions is with the help of an experienced interior designer. Come to by Design and meet one of our talented designers and let them help design your perfect room!