Farmhouse Rustic Modern

The word farmhouse has a long, rich history in Iowa. This is why it’s been really cool to see Farmhouse Modern become such a popular style. A big reason this style has been embraced so widely and so quickly is it’s really approachable. It’s relaxed and comfortable – yet sleek and clean.

We’ve been interested in this movement for years at by Design furniture and design. The combination of rustic elements and clean lines is so appealing to the eye and to the soul. That’s why we created the Rustic Chic room at our furniture store – it gives us the ability to show our clients how to execute this look in their own homes.

Here are a few elements that will make this style work in any home.

Wood accents

The easiest way to add wood to your room is a great table or bookcase. If you want to go all-in on this style – install a wood countertop, add a wood-paneled ceiling or install wood beams to your ceiling. The addition of the wood to the room warms everything up immediately and brings the timeless element to your space.

Photo 1|Photo 2|Photo 3

Black and White

The classic color palette of black and white is timeless – but it’s especially pretty done in the clean style of Farmhouse Modern. The black elements are a start contrast to all the white in many farmhouse modern rooms.

Photo 1|Photo 2|Photo 3

Clean Lines

Symmetry is always an important aspect of design and it brings the modern vibe to this design style. Symmetry shows your eyes where to focus and gives your home a sense of order.

Photo 1|Photo 2|Photo 3

Other key aspects to Farmhouse Modern are mixing old and new along with adding texture and industrial elements to the room. This is a really fun, easy style to try…we put a vision board together to show how this look can be pulled together with items from by Design, give it a try if you’re looking for a cool new style. Or give us a call and we’d be happy to help execute this look in your home!

Farmhouse Modern vision board