Personalizing your Home

In a world of fun trends and dramatic transformations, we can all agree that we want our house to feel like home. Whether you have lots of space to work with or very little, it is important that we capitalize on creating our own retreat where we live . . . and that starts with personalizing our homes!

For an entire room, you (and your designer?) will work through a thousand details. Products, coverings, custom details, accents, etc. Consider the following when you’re dreaming about your project:

personalize home, Personalizing your Home, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design
Gage Settee


Neutrals with a pop of color: Neutral colors offer a buildable palette for added color, bold artwork, and unique touches. Use neutral tones as the building blocks for layering and adding your favorite pieces into your space. Now, use a pop of color! Maybe it’s your favorite color, or maybe it’s a color in your favorite artwork. Regardless of the color, repeat it in different ways for a satisfying look!

Consider the colors you love: Often, if you wear specific colors a lot, you are comfortable being surrounded by this color in your daily life. Don’t hesitate to take a peek at your closet for color inspiration!

The drama of color blocking: Color blocking is another fun way we can personalize our homes. By taking color to a large scale and having neutrals be the “pop of color,” you can achieve a very romantic look that is sure to be a show-stopper! It is a great way to create an intimate space within your home.

Wall Art and Coverings

personalize home, Personalizing your Home, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design
Listening for Answers – Wall Art

Other than paint, wallcoverings and wall art are another way to customize a space because they can be so diverse! But never underrate the impact! You can do a textured solid or a multi-color pattern. You can cover an entire room floor to ceiling or just an accent wall. Show your style, all while giving your room even more dimension and appeal!

You can also play around with artwork. The larger the print, the more dramatic; the smaller the print, the more attention to detail. Do you have a large wall and aren’t sure what to do with it? It can be tricky! Try combining different sizes of art and prints of all different scales. Allow some to have texture, and mostly have fun with it!

The Personalized Details

From millwork to furniture and area rugs, features that make a space unique will elevate your home. We can all appreciate a gorgeous detail shot. Are there any spaces in your home that you would take a detailed photo of? If you cannot think of any, I have some tips for you!

personalize home, Personalizing your Home, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design
Lyra Bar Console – Detail Image

Bring attention to detail through textured art or frames, the shape of your furniture, wood grain, pull handles, upholstery fabrics, and accessories! These are a few simple, owner and renter-friendly pieces that you can use to spice up your home with details to keep you excited.

personalize home, Personalizing your Home, BY DESIGN furniture + interior design
Paige Chair

Are you ready to relax in your dream home? It can be easier than ever to start a project with an BY Design interior designer!

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