The Kaden. Here’s why by Design loves this sectional.

Kaden Sectional|by Design|Des Moines


Incredible comfort.   Great style.   Incredible comfort. Unsurpassed quality.

Wait… did we mention incredible comfort? It is worth risking redundancy to talk about the comfort of the Kaden.

We’ve loved the Kaden in every color of leather (and occasionally fabric) that we’ve tried it in. Every. Single. One. We’ve done deep red. We’ve done rich carmel-brown. We’ve done warm grays and cool grays.

Winner. Winner. Winner.

Of course, the Kaden is available as a sofa or a chair as well as the sectional design that we show here.

The clean lines and subtle styling of the Kaden have made it a favorite of both our customers and our designers. This clean, updated furniture style offers a versatile design foundation upon which to build your room.

Please come in and see our new Kaden sectional!