Top Interior Design Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top interior design influencers

Looking to update your home but need a little inspiration as we head into 2024? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of incredible interior design influencers to follow. These influencers have unique styles and influences that can guide you in transforming your space into a stylish haven.

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Shea McGee: Modern and Livable

Renowned for her modern and livable style, Shea has built a reputation as an interior design influencer for creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. With a keen focus on crafting inviting and comfortable environments, Shea expertly blends a variety of textures and incorporates natural elements to infuse warmth and coziness into her designs. By seamlessly merging aesthetics and practicality, Shea’s approach to design ensures that her spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical for everyday living.

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Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney: Bohemian and Vibrant

Justina Blakeney’s bohemian and vibrant style stands out from the crowd. Founder of the home decor brand, Jungalow®, her bohemian and vibrant style is truly one-of-a-kind. With impeccable taste and a unique approach, she seamlessly blends plants, patterns, and global influences into her designs, creating warm and eclectic spaces that reflect her personality and evoke a sense of joy and creativity. Justina’s fearless use of color and texture completely transforms rooms into cozy oases. Whether through bold and vibrant hues or subtle and soothing tones, she knows how to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking to infuse your home with a sense of adventure and free-spiritedness, Justina’s work is definitely worth following.

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Alyssa Kapito: top interior design influencers

Alyssa Kapito: Timeless Elegance with a Twist

For those who appreciate a more classic and refined aesthetic, Alyssa Kapito is the interior design influencer to follow. Combining timeless elegance with a contemporary twist, Alyssa creates sophisticated and luxurious interiors. Her attention to detail and use of high-quality materials make her designs stand out. Her versatility allows her to seamlessly transition between minimalist elegance and traditional opulence, offering a wide range of design options for her clients. Alyssa’s work will provide you with endless inspiration for creating a space that feels both timeless and current.

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Emily Henderson: top interior design influencers

Emily Henderson: Fresh and Modern Vibes

Emily Henderson is widely recognized and admired as an interior design influencer with a fresh and modern approach. With an exceptional talent for blending vintage pieces with eclectic elements, Emily creates spaces that are truly unique and inviting. Her blog features design tips and DIY projects that are not only visually stunning but also accessible and achievable for anyone looking to add personality and charm to their homes. Whether you’re a fan of mid-century modern or boho-chic, Emily’s style is sure to inspire and give you the confidence to experiment with different design elements.

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By following these interior design influencers, you’ll gain insights into the latest trends, innovative design ideas, and valuable tips for transforming your home. They are constantly sharing updates on their latest projects and design inspirations on their social media accounts, so make sure to stay connected with them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best and turn your home into a reflection of your personal style.

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