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Six Reasons Our Fabric Wall is Crucial to Your Room

I really am proud of our fabric wall. It is the heart of our custom upholstery and custom bed stories. I think this huge fabric wall is crucial to you when designing custom furniture. Here’s why:

fabric-walls1) You need a huge choice. 400 or 500 fabrics just doesn’t work. When you sort down to the colors that you can actually use in your room, you’re left with too few choices. There will be only a very few that work for you. There won’t be any that really light up your design, that really make you smile. Plus, every customer in that color family will pick the same fabrics. Boring! What is unique and personal about that? Nothing. You must start from a gigantic selection to create something wonderful.

basic & decorative fabrics w (Custom)2) You need both basics and decoratives.  You will use basic fabric designs to build a foundation and decorative fabric designs to light the fire of your room. You need lots of decoratives! A large selection gives you both.

large-fabric-sample3) You need large fabric samples. You need to see the entire fabric pattern: how it varies, how it centers, what the overall impact is. A small sample fails for this. In fact, small samples can be downright deceptive.

fabric-hand4) You need to touch the fabrics. The “hand” of the fabric is so important to judging the comfort. You need to see how the fabric changes in the light. Does the color change in different light? Does the direction of the weave change the color and/or darkness of the fabric appearance?

fabric-selection5) You need to drape them.  You’ll find yourself draping and overlaying them against each other to judge how well your different fabrics are going to work with each other.

new-fabric-trends6) You need a constantly evolving color selection. This is a fashion thing. Though many aspects of design are timeless, new is good too. Fresh is wonderful. Our fabric wall helps us avoid “Boring”.

It all adds up to the fabric wall being one of the most important tools we offer you. Admittedly  it can be a bit intimidating. But don’t worry! Our designers are little sorting machines when it comes to fabrics. You may see an overwhelming choice — but in your designer’s mind the choices you make rapidly narrow down the huge group to just a few “fabric stories” that can be the beginning of your perfect room.

by Bonita Clark

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Bonita Clark

About the author: I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Elementary Education. I taught for four years (and loved it!) before entering our business, WoodStock Ltd. Unfinished Furniture, full time. Since then we have created several new furniture stores. I love working with our customers and our designers. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many great people in business! To me, both business and life are all about relationships.