Neutral Color Palette: Cream & Brown – A Fresh Color Trend

From browns to creams and everything in-between, neutral colors are timeless! Wall paint, furniture, art and accessories can all be captivating in a home when layered with tonal patterns and texture. That is the story we’re telling with the neutral color palette – cream & brown.

Mighty Mod Sectional

Why choose light neutral colors?

Theses lighter toned neutrals are a great way give your room a fresh facelift! Light hues reflect a clean and renewed mindset when you enter a space. These calming neutrals can then allow for continuity to flow from room to room, giving each space in your home a new feeling. It really does feel light, bright and fresh!

The use of creamy neutrals can create a refined look by highlighting the natural beauty of your furniture. The shape and form of your furniture is able to take center stage here! Our neutral color palette – cream & brown – certainly make a wonderful pallet to play with accent colors too. Are you a fan of seasonal décor? This color scheme will be perfect for you!

neutral color palette cream brown
Potter Bed

Texturizing Whites and Creams

Once you have decided on some whites, creams and other neutral tones, it is time to meet their best friend: texture! To ensure the sofa stands out from the walls or that the chairs feel elevated from the floor, we want to utilize rich texture and subtle or tonal patterns. This is going to create a visual dimension in your room to really cozy it up and create balance between the soft and hard surfaces. If we lack texture, we will lack dimension. This will ultimately make the space feel cold and sterile. Who wants that? By adding texture and light patterns, these colors can really create a fantastic look in your home!

neutral color palette cream brown
Burke Sofa

Are you a fan of the Neutral Color Palette – Cream & Brown color scheme? Whether a versatile stepping stone for added color or a year-round look, this scheme will be a beautiful backdrop for your day-to-day life!