Why We Love Variations

Many people get overwhelmed with having too many options…so today, we wanted to show you some variations you can choose when you custom design your upholstery at by Design with the help of our interior designers.

Designers love having the ability to tweak upholstery pieces a little bit…and that’s exactly what a variation is. It’s the ability to change your sofa’s arm, or it’s leg, or add or remove the welting on the piece. These little changes can make a huge impact on the style of the piece.

First off – welt vs. no welt.

The chair above is the Wesley with a welt in the same material as the fabric. The second photo is the Wesley sofa with no welt. As you can see…they look like entirely different styles! The welt makes the chair look a little bigger, more defined, and more contemporary. The sofa without the welt looks a little smaller scale and more sleet and modern.

Next up – leg options!

Each chair and sofa we sell has its own set of specific leg options…but here are a couple of our favorites.

  • Photo one is the Comfort recliner with rolled arms and a wooden tapered leg.
  • Photo two is the Colton sectional with a contemporary metal base and metal legs.
  • Photo three is the ReInvented Recliner with a metal sled base.

Again – any variation you choose for the base of the upholstery make a huge impact on how the piece looks and what style comes across.


And finally – arm styles.

The cut of the sofa arm has a huge impact on the style of the sofa.

  • Photo one: The beautiful Copley Square sectional with a  traditional roll arm.
  • Photo two: The Lawrence sofa has a mid-century modern tapered arm.
  • Photo three: The Blake sofa has sweeping low track arms that give the piece a modern feel.
  • Photo four: The Kaden leather sectional has a gently sloping tusk arm with makes this transitional sectional work in so many rooms!

Don’t be afraid of variations – we can help you design a custom piece with your perfect cushions, legs, arm, welt, pillows, fabric, etc! The options are endless…which means your furniture will be completely unique and original to your family.