The Comfort Air

By American Leather

The Comfort Air by American Leather™ is a revolutionary seating experience. It is the newest addition to our Comfort Innovations collection.


Comfort Air is a classic innovation story. Two friends spent years experimenting and tweaking to come up with a rough model of their idea for a new kind of chair. They brought it to American Leather who spent more time engineering and designing it — preparing it for production.


Comfort Air rides on a suspension system unlike any before. It moves with your body. It finds an equilibrium point. When you move – it responds smoothly, supplely. It doesn’t recline, rock or glide in the conventional way… yet it does all of those.


Please come into our store and check out these marvelous chairs. And definitely sit in them for a bit. Whether you prefer to kick your feet up and relax, rock, or recline, the Comfort Air smoothly transitions your body to your perfect position. It just might be your perfect chair.

Comfort Air is available hundreds of fabrics and leathers with metal or wood base options.  Six different designs offer arm choices, tufting, back options and more. It is sized in small, medium and large to better fit your unique comfort needs.

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There’s no chair like the Comfort Air. Beyond a recliner, beyond a rocking chair, the Comfort Air is designed to move with your body, its patented mechanism cradling you in the perfect gravity-driven position for comfortable lounging. Experience optimal movement as the Comfort Air glides, swivels, and rocks with you. Customize by choosing fabric or leather, size, finishes, and optional footrest for a Comfort Air that’s all your own.