Koki – A great new modern sofa style

Three new styles we love! The Koki is a great new modern sofa style. Add in the striking Albany chairs and the clever Cremini ottoman and you get a wonderful room. Each of these pieces is a great example of the best in contemporary furniture trends.

Koki sofa, Albany chairs and Cremini ottomans

Koki works with any contemporary design style: Organic Modern, Modern Eclectic or even Euro Contemporary. The sleek silhouette features a thin “paddle shaped” arm and narrow front rail, Koki sits high off the floor on contemporary metal legs. However, wood legs are also available and we’ve put Koki on our floor with them. 43-inch deep comfort down cushions and an ultra-soft back give this modern sofa style a wonderfully plush seat.

The Albany chair is a piece of art. The barrel seating design is super comfortable. That round back then flows down through the arms. The three leg steel base is striking and yet somehow minimal. (Surprisingly heavy too – this is a very solid piece!) The whole design of the Albany comes together beautifully. It almost creates the feeling of a sculpture in your room.

The Cremini ottoman is versatile enough to either be a smashing focal point or a blend-in team player. You can select two coordinating covers for a wonderful layered effect.

Of course we have many more styles of contemporary sofa styles as well as contemporary chair and ottoman styles. Plus, thousands of fabrics on our huge fabric wall. Come in any time and begin working on the room of your dreams!