Current Passion: Curved Sofas

Curved sofas and sectionals are so dreamy…we love this trend.

Evelyn Sectional

While we will always love the L-shaped sectional… a curved sofa is a great update to this look. It feels very fresh and new, and creates conversation areas effortlessly.

Gilroy Right Lounge Sofa

Another great thing about a curved sofa or sectional is that it looks good from the front and the back…and the sides! You can float these beautiful pieces anywhere and they work. It’s fun to accessorize a curved sofa with other round pieces…keep the eye moving from one rounded piece to the next.

Add a curved sofa table and really emphasize the beautiful lines of these sofas. The reason sectionals have been so popular for such a long time is that most living rooms need additional seating. But the problem with sectionals is that you can never really sit in the corner seat. With a curved sofa, every seat is fair game!

We’ve got some lovely curved sofas and sectionals available at by Design – as always, you pick the perfect fabric or leather for these pieces from our wide selection. Here are a few of our favorites.

Elliston Sectional
Bowen Settee

Bowen shows you the elegant side of the curved sofa and sectional trend here. Stunning, yes? But, maybe you tend toward casual looks. Below is the Marta sofa in an Organic Modern room.

Marta Sofa
Brandt Sofa

Would you like to introduce some curves into your room, but need a straighter overall shape to make it work? Consider a design like this Brandt sofa. It’s a curved sofa with just a bit less curve.

Rondo Sofa

The Rondo sofa also comes in a sectional. Reminiscent of the famous Bilbao Museum in Spain, it is both a dynamic and organic design. Rondo is a great one!

Wynne sofa

The Wynne sofa offers you a subtle curved sofa look. It breaks up the straight lines in the room. And its curved shape does enable conversation to a surprising degree.

Chloe Media Lounger

Okay, the Chloe lounger isn’t a sofa. But we couldn’t resist. And it is bigger than any chair! And, wow! What a look. e. Let us help you incorporate the curved sofa and sectional trend into your home! We can come out and measure your space, determine your style, and put together a customized curvy look for you!