Caramel Trend Again!

The Caramel color story is such a good one, that we thought we’d feature it again and show you even more inspiration pics. You really can’t go wrong with this design idea. And, as illustrated below, you can really go right!

This room features gray, white and black tones and textures. Then it uses a caramel leather Nolita sofa plus a few small accents in caramel to add the pop and warmth to the room.
This room uses caramel colors only in the accents. The Thea sofa and Thea chair are quite neutral. so are the tables and lighting. The warmth and color come mostly from that great wall art. The black wall is a brilliant choice to make the whole design pop.
This New Classics style room features the Knole sofa and Knole chair in caramel toned fabric. We have a great selection of caramel fabrics – both solids and prints! The rug also picks up some warmth while the black and white art add clean drama.
This moody room features the Parker sectional in leather.
The Somerset sofa in a caramel leather is featured right now on our floor at BY DESIGN.
Rondo sofa _ Mimi ottoman _ George chair
Adding a ottoman in caramel leather is a trick that works every time.
Two Trevor ottomans in a light caramel cover.
Shown here are the Barrington sofa, Edinburgh chair, Renee Chair & ottoman and the Del Ray ottoman.
CCAR-62-039_ Beckwith sofa
This room shows the Beckwith sofa in a caramel leather. The warmth and natural feeling is enhanced by the naturally finished wood plank wall.

Taking the caramel idea into more orange-y, more rusty hues achieves the same warm, natural effect. This is much more than one limited family of colors. Don’t confine your thinking if you love this trend!

This room uses a Calligaris Boulevard table in a beautiful black finish along with chairs shown in a caramel-rust tone to add drama and warmth. A very sophisticated, very Euro look.
This is the Manhattan sofa in a buttery leather with caramel-rust accents adding wonderful warmth to the room. This room is like living in your own exclusive club.

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