2020 Design Trends

As we going roaring into the 20s of this century, we are excited to explore new design trends… and some that hint of the past.

Botanicals & Bold Colors

For this trend, we give a nod to American Leather’s recent showroom at the Fall High Point Market. Here at BY DESIGN we have always been a fan of bold colors and we are excited that more and more people are making that exciting leap with us! Botanicals are making their appearance in wallpaper, fabric prints, or as the real deal. (Just don’t forget to water them!)

Earth Tones & Geometrics

For the minimalist aesthetic, earthy tone-on-tone geometrics keep things interesting as well as relaxed. Neutrals take a turn from grey to more natural hues: sand and cream.

Mixing of Old & New

The 2020s may be the decade of eclectic design. Maximalism and Boho chic are on the rise. We can’t help it! There are so many gorgeous styles, old and new, and we want them all! This is a great opportunity to mix vintage finds with updated staple pieces.


Any chance you still have your velvet sofa from the 70s? If not, we can help you with a gorgeous velvet piece for this decade. Luxurious texture in vibrant jewel tones are what it’s all about. The good news is that fabrics have come a long way, so these pieces will hold up much better than your 1970s sofa!

A Little More Color

2020 will be a year of vibrant colors. From Sherwin William’s color of the year Naval, to bold jewel tones, to gold accents and striking ebony & ivory interiors, 2020 is the year to be brave with color!

Whatever trends and styles interest you, we are always excited to help you accomplish YOUR unique look at BY DESIGN! Let’s make 2020 the year you get the home you’ve been dreaming of!

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