What is Modern Luxury Style?

We talk a lot about Modern Luxury Style here at by Design. It’s one of our favorite interior design styles…in fact, we believe it in so much we’ve created a whole room on our showroom floor designed in the Modern Luxury style. But let’s take a step back…what makes a room modern and luxurious?

Modern Home Design Definition

Modern design is a style of decor that focuses on minimalism and lack of clutter, neutral colors with bold accent colors and clean design lines.

Luxury Home Design Definition

In the design world, luxury is not defined by certain colors or materials as much as it’s defined by how you feel in the room. A luxuriously designed room needs to be beautiful, comfortable, timeless and elegant. 

by Design also has a room dedicated to Modern Luxury – it’s one of the four rooms at the front of our store that are always changing to reflect what’s new and now in interior design. Here are a couple pictures from the room…but you really need to stop by to see how pretty this room turned out.

Do you see why we love this room? Gold accents are such a lovely touch to add to your home…they amp up the glam but keep things timeless.

The designers at by Design can help you execute the Modern Luxury style in your own home…and give you a home you’ll be proud to call yours.