California Casual Design Style

There’s a new movement in design that we’re getting really excited about at by Design. Deciding on a name for a new design style usually takes a while to catch on, but for now, we’re liking the name California Casual. And that’s what Emily Henderson is calling it and if it’s good enough for her – it’s good enough for us!

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Some of the defining elements of the California Casual design style are neutral, soft tones on both the walls and furniture, soft and comfortable furniture in easy to live with fabrics, wood and leather accents and lots of texture on both the walls and in the accessories.

California Casual Sofas and Chairs

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The key to getting this style right with your major furniture pieces is to make them cozy and comfortable…nothing with tufting, nailhead or any ornate detailing. The sofas and sectionals should be low profile covered in a great worn caramel leather or a neutral linen or cotton…something easy to care for and relaxed.

California Casual Wood Pieces

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Natural wood accents and tables are a key element of the California Casual style – wood is one of the original neutrals after all!  The tone of wood used is important – nothing too light or dark…and adding a live edge to the wood will make it even more rustic and natural.

California Casual Design Style Accents

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Rattan, wicker, fringe, tassels…these are all traits of good California Casual accent pieces. Wall hangings should be really textured – from woven art to wooden beads…the goal is to make your room look relaxed, yet pulled together.  Everything about the room should tell you to sit down and relax.

I’ve pulled together some pieces we carry at by Design that would make a beautiful California Casual living space.

ranger sofa
Ranger Sofa

We’d love to put together a California Casual Design Style look for your home…give us a call or stop in and say hi. We’re nice people around here…we’d love to be friends.

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