A beautiful table for Christmas

I have always loved a pretty table for Christmas…and any other time of the year! It’s one detail that can get lost in these fast-paced times…and I think it’s a lovely tradition that we should try to keep.

Here are four tips for setting a beautiful table.

Set your table a couple days before the party.

Setting your table early will do a couple things for you. First off, it will give you a chance to tweak the details over time and not be rushed at the last minute. It will also give you a chance to enjoy your pretty table before it gets messy from food and drink. A table is definitely meant to be used…but it’s fun to see it at it’s best for a couple days before the party starts!


Use an interesting and creative centerpiece.

I love using plants or flowers for the centerpiece…adding organic touches to the table can really make it come alive. But I also love using pretty decor from other parts of the home.  Just make sure your centerpiece isn’t too tall so your guests can talk to each other without the visual block. Adding candles/lights is another great touch – I love using little vintage votives.

bonita's christmas table

Find dishes that you love.

We use this beautiful set of – you guessed it – ‘Twas the night before Christmas dishes on Christmas Eve each year. I love getting them out of storage each year…it just makes me happy.

I also have a gorgeous set of vintage Haviland China that my mother in law gave me from her husband’s store – Scott’s Haviland China.  These dishes are the perfect fit for the house – they are both from the same era and are classic and timeless. See below for some other tablescapes I’ve put together over the year.

Cloth napkins and tablecloths are a nice touch.

I love using cloth napkins for nice meals…they add a rich quality to the table. They’re fun to fold on the plate or stuff in the wine goblet for height. A great tablecloth is a necessity. I love using vintage tablecloths for outdoor parties…you can find them in thrift stores and they’re such a nice addition to any outdoor party.

bonita's christmas table

Set a beautiful table this year and enjoy your holiday season even more!

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful clients and friends!

xo Bonita