Modern Luxury Home Project

Whether renovating or finding new furniture, our designers are ready to help in picking just the right pieces for your home. This modern luxury home project is a great example of how the pieces come together when creating that perfect look.

Maddie’s clients were eager for the perfect look to fit their new West Des Moines home’s modern architecture. From odds and ends to a complete room, their desired look became a reality!

Great Room

The Great Room consists of a large black fireplace mirrored by large-scale windows on the opposite wall. With travertine floors and tall ceilings, this room commanded attention! Immediately, I knew a large rug and multiple textures would be a perfect way to soften the room’s hard features.

modern luxury home project
Before Photo of Great Room

Two boucle chairs offer a high contrast to the family’s black leather sofas. The wooden coffee table offers some natural warm tones to ease the contrast. The gold chair bases are complimented beautifully by the rug, which gives a nod at the pendant lights above. The furniture and the architecture work hand in hand to create this modern luxury home project.

modern luxury home project
Great Room Furniture

Piano Room + Entry

With the Piano Room right off the entry, the goal was to make this room as inviting as possible. My client wanted to present a classy modern feel immediately as you enter the home and continue it in each space. The rooms in the house were to feel influenced by the previous room, even if the room functions are different. This is flow. As I like to say, if you have a vision, maximize it! If you adore a style, don’t stop at one room, keep it flowing!

Piano Room & Entry Furniture

In this room, the baby grand piano is the eye-catcher. However, the classy conversation space needed to bring excitement as well. The white velvet sofa contrasts a black piano while bringing those black touches right back in at a slightly smaller scale. This gives hierarchy to the piano!

The black caster ottomans have white contrast stitching for the perfect customized look. The gold end tables at either end of the sofa tie back into the Great Room fixtures, continuing the look and complementing the home’s architecture. The striped embroidery of the pillows is a fun pair with the sofa’s channeling. These details are such a fun way to add buzz to a room!

modern luxury home project
Piano Room ft. Roma Sofa and Pablo Ottomans

The Happy Ending

With excitement at the forefront, my clients immediately cozied up in their new Piano Room! The addition of new furniture for their modern luxury home project was just what they needed!

Details like varied textures, contrast stitching and custom upholstery really help to tailor a look specific to you and your style. Let us help you find your look! It is never too late to love your home your way!

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