Add an Elegant Bar Cabinet to Your Room

An elegant and functional piece you should consider adding to your room.

This Knickerboker bar cabinet was such a stunning piece at the High Point Furniture market that we knew we had to feature it in a post. Generally a cabinet is not a focal point for a room.  However, the Knickerboker may be the exception to that rule.  It’s that cool.

vanguard_bar_cabinet vanguard_cabinet_bar


Of course, you never have one option… you have millions.  And frankly, any cabinet can be a bar.  Here are a few other options to get you thinking:


A smaller cabinet meant to subtly blend into your room but add functionality.  The dark woven-leather like finish makes this piece blend in rather than stand out.  But, blend in richly.

Stein World cabinet2

Are you more of a contemporary person? Try this simple yet beautiful piece.  Beautiful matched marquetry and soft wood feet combined with simple Scandinavian lines make this cabinet feel very natural.  Modern with roots.huppe_cabinet


More dressy with a bit of sparkle?  Can do.  Not mirrors, but a rubbed silver finish make this small cabinet very elegant.  Yet the vertical texture tells a created by hand story:


How about long, low, elegant and wonderfully creative? Oh yeah.  Organic design (obviously), great texture, with a bit of shiny contrast. This is a great piece.

global views cabinet

Really, your options are endless here.  Between you and your designer you can solve this function/design dilemma millions of ways.  And add a bit to your perfect room.