Bonded Leather: The Furniture Industry Lies to Consumers.

It’s soap box time.

We aren’t muck-rakers. We’re positive thinkers and we talk about the beautiful side of life. But, sometimes you have to shout a bit. Sometimes you have to point out a nasty thing going on and talk about it.

Today we’re talking about bonded leather. Bonded leather is an artificial product made of polyurethane, resins, leather shavings and “other stuff”. It may be many things, but one thing it is certainly not is LEATHER! We love the idea of selling new products to consumers. We love the idea of saving our customers money. But if you have to mislead to do it — shame on you. Here is a quote from a recent announcement about bonded leather:

 Eco-Leather is “regenerated leather” that features a polyurethane top with a backing made largely of leather shavings.

Universal President Ken Kochekian said the articles are 70% leather and can be legitimately sold as all-leather products.

Wait a minute… 70% leather, 30% other stuff, glue & polyurethane can be legitimately called leather? Look up the word “legitimate” Mr. Kochekian. This is intentionally deceptive. That’s why people can’t legitimately serve Pink Slime and call it Prime Rib. THEY JUST AREN’T THE SAME! (Sorry for yelling.)

So here’s the thing by Design customers and designers. If we both decide a product like this is best for a project, let’s not deceive ourselves. Bonded leather is a low-cost alternative far more similar to vinyl or another plastic surface than it is to leather.

Link to article quoted above:

by Kevin Clark