Designing a Downtown Des Moines Loft

Sometimes you just click with a customer…

I recently took a call from a customer looking for a designer.  The mission was to help him create a wonderful, new living space in his downtown Des Moines loft.  Matt & I had an instant connection.  Since he had been in by Design before, we quickly set up a house call.  An additional challenge was time — he was hosting a big party in 4 weeks!
We met in the space, and discussed his dreams of having a “rat-pack” sort of “old Hollywood glam” vibe, yet being very live-able too. With the limited amount of square footage, we had to be creative with hidden storage and be practical with every piece chosen.
We chose the Tristan sofa for it’s retro look.  We love how it appears to “float” over the stainless sleigh base.  (Light & airy pieces were important as we didn’t want to overpower the intimate space).  We anchored the room with a deep pile, chunky shag rug and topped it with a large storage ottoman.  The two George chairs can span the decades and certainly have a personality all their own.  The repetition of the metal and tufting in all of the pieces gives continuity to the design – an important consideration when designing a space this eclectic.  The open shelving offered more storage as well as giving a great silhouette against the original white brick wall.
I think the end result suits him to a tee, whether he is relaxing or entertaining. The best part was that we had it all in place in the allotted time frame and gained a client for life!
by Laura Beeler