Terri D

“I have found By Design to be a wonderful place to shop for furniture!  Both the furniture and accessory selection is great, and the myriad of fabrics to choose from can make any chair or couch you find unique!

Recently I decided to update a couple of chairs and ottoman in my living room. My first stop was By Design because I had purchased from them in the past and know how high quality their furniture is.  In fact, two of the chairs I wanted to update I  had purchased from them many more years ago than I would like to admit.  They were in fine shape, but I just wanted something new….for me!

I was greeted by Laura when I walked in.  I told her that I was just looking, then asked her to help when I saw something I really liked ( even though that the fabric on the floor sample I found was perfect!).  I  had no idea if the scale of two of those chairs and an ottoman would be right for my space, which is relatively small.  I  showed her a couple of cell phone pics of the living room space and in minutes she told me that this chair would be great and also showed me two other chair styles that would work in the space.  I made my purchase and was so thrilled!  They arrived and looked even better than I thought they would……gave my living room a whole new look!  So….I called Laura a couple weeks after the delivery and told her that I now would like to purchase a floor rug for my living room, and possibly might want to update my family room a bit!  She stopped by, looked at my spaces, took some pictures, and told me she would give me a call in a couple days.  I knew that she would find a living room rug that would be perfect with the chairs I just purchased (which it is!) but just didn’t think that she would find lamps in her store’s lines that would fit with my very different (some might say “off the wall”) family room décor.  Well, when I went to the store to meet with Laura, she not only had more than one chair that I liked but showed me a fabric that blended perfectly with every other fabric in the room.  And the biggest surprise was when she showed me two sleek steel lamps that are EXACTLY my taste!  She totally figured me out in a very short time in my home!   And Bonita, the store owner and designer, had looked at my photos, Laura’s choices, and was as excited as I was about my options!

I rarely write reviews, but my experiences with By Design have always been very positive, and this last one was especially so perfect for what I need right now…… a fresh, fun place to live.  If you are looking to change things up in ANY type of space….Call Laura at By Design”